What’s a SSL

secure socket layer

What’s a SSL

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SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer, SSL is used to protect data transfers, credit card transaction, and other transactions that involve private information. An easy way to tell if the site you’re visiting is secure is to look for “https” in the left-hand corner of your browser, if the site shows “http” the site is not secure. SSL certificates are free and can be generated through a certificate authority and occasionally must be renewed.

Even though SSL certificates are free Some web hosting sites charge up to $295 per year. These same hosting site have work arounds to gain access to free SSL Certificates. If you’ve already paid for your SSL certificate, it’s fine, we couldn’t save you money before. but we will next time; find out how when you request a free consultation and ask for Free SSL update.

Go the extra mile to convert your potential customers into transactions. Not only does a secure web page comfort your customers but it also provides for a better browsing session. From my personal experiences when visiting sites without SSL certificates they tend to load very slowly and sometime not all. It’s very important for your website to always be available and accessible, prevent timeouts and slow loading pages with secure web pages.