Adobe Flash is Ending

Adobe Flash is Ending

Its’ not just a rumor, in December of 2020 Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash in December of 2020. It sounds terrifying for those of us who remember what life was like before Adobe Flash. Don’t get worked up Adobe wouldn’t just abandon its’ users; over time markup language and web browsers have integrated capabilities that allow for video, gaming and interactivity they once needed Flash to provide. What does that mean? Your videos and your games won’t be affected.

Adobe is giving web developers until December 2020 to make the updates necessary to keep providing flawless video playback and video gaming. Adobe will continue to work with their partners to maintain the security and compatibility of Flash content. If you’re still concerned don’t be, apple users especially, apple hasn’t used Adobe Flash since 2010. Google started using open source technologies in 2018 so they’re ahead of the change.

So please don’t be alarmed Adobe Flash is ending but the internet features you love dearly will still be available. If you’re concerned about the effects this could have on your website, reach out to you web developer and get ahead of the update, December 2020 will be here in a flash.

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