Terms and Conditions

This agreement is being entered into as of day of purchase between Boot Up Web Professionals and Client for website design services, described below.


●       Boot Up Web Designs agrees to be responsible for the design and functional elements of  Clients’ website. The Designer agrees to create a design that is compatible with technological devices such as: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. The Designer agrees to provide a layout specific to the customer’s request to the best of their ability 

●       The Designer agrees to consult with Client regarding any changes they deem necessary prior to altering the Clients

●       Client is granted full access to the website and is capable of managing the complete website as an administrator, allowing complete control of content, products and users.

This is a time, cost agreement, any custom design feature requested by Client will be met with an additional fee to be assessed priot to the completion of the website design. The Designer agrees to consider all upgrade requests made within 48 hours of the webste designs’ start date. Features such as pop-ups or email subscription may accrue an additional cost (fee will be determined by the designer upon review). Please allow up to 14 business days to complete standard website design (this time frame is for standard website design ONLY, please allow for an additional 14 days for and custom web design request).


Boot Up Web Professionals will not absorb any ramification pertaining to the pursuit of any copyright or licensing infringements cases brought by the actions of Clients’ website, or any of their affiliates. All legal proceeds due to such action will be subject to transmission by Boot Up Web Professionals and legal actions will be pursued if any fees are applied as a result of such behavior.

The website design process begins at the time this contract has been made effective. All payments must be received by the effective date of this contract or Boot Up Web Professonals reserves the right to cancel this agreement without liability. Client is responsible for providing (product details, quantities, sizes, colors, titles, product photos, video images and work blogs) requested by the Designer within 48 hours of the date of this agreement, only the content provided and/or paid for as an add-on option will be included in the website design; stock photos may be provided by Designer at an additional cost.


Client Agrees to provide Boot Up Web Professionals with product details, quantities, sizes, colors, titles, and product photos, video, images and any details related to the company that you are willing to share  with your consumer base. The completion of the clients’ website design is contingent on the client providing Boot Up Web Professionals with the required information within 48 hours after the payment has been processed. If the Client does NOT submit the requested items within the allotted time, Boot Up Web Professionals will cancel the Clients order and a refund in the amount 75% of your deposit will be issued.


Clients have the right to dispute the final outcome of their website. Criteria for the website to be considered a success are detailed below. In the circumstance that the criteria have not been met, Boot Up Web Designs will issue Client a refund of up to 40% of her deposit, as this is a time-cost agreement. If the client chooses to cancel our services at any time before the designated completion date their deposit is forfeited.


Boot Up Web Design will provide Client with a 100% responsive website on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile devices. The website will come with a SSL certificate for secured checkouts and backup and restore capabilities, Customer Relationship Management system, Payment Gateway, content and product uploads, ADA Compliance and Search Engine Optimization.  The website will contain all information and content provided to Boot Up Web Design by Client including images, video, and text, any content provided by Designer will incurr added cost to be applied to before completion of the task.