Website Maintenance Plan

Host your site today and add on our maintenance plan. This premium plan is highly recommended and includes: Hosting Every website needs Hosting, this is how your website design platform displays your website to the viewer. Free SSL Not all websites need an SSL Certificate but its good to have, especially if you require your website viewers to login or […]

Sites We Design

We design fully responsive websites for mobile tablet and desktop. Our services are available but not limited to: E-Commerce websites Music websites Non-profit websites Informational websites Booking and Scheduling and More!

Virtual Consultations

We know it’s hard enough staying home during Covid-19, and we know you’ve been dreading our 45 min consultation. We’ve made our consultations more exciting with virtual consultations. Schedule your web design consultation to take place on one of our available platforms: DUO, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Average consultation time is 45 minutes. Learn more about consultations.

Black International Business Machines Experiences

Over many decades International Business Machines (IBM) has been a leader in computer science and engineering. Although they have been criticized for their contributions to the Nazis during WWII, IBM has strived to be diverse company even before the Civil Right movement of 1964. In 1947 IBM hired John Stanley Ford, making him the first Black American software engineer. It’s […]

Adobe Flash is Ending

Its’ not just a rumor, in December of 2020 Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash in December of 2020. It sounds terrifying for those of us who remember what life was like before Adobe Flash. Don’t get worked up Adobe wouldn’t just abandon its’ users; over time markup language and web browsers have integrated capabilities that allow for video, […]

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