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King Kass Web Design

It brought me great joy to design KingKass.com, the owner Kassandra and I were on the same page from the beginning of the project. She read our consultation blog and prepared all the information we’d need to develop her eCommerce website. Kingkass.com is a beauty supply website that specialize in mink eyelashes.

Every project brings a new challenge, this time it was the “shipping bar”. The shipping bar is a great tool for a number of reasons. The shipping bar can be used notify customers of free shipping availability. It also updates as the customer adds items to their cart, notifying them of how close they are to reaching the free shipping price point. This feature is available free on desktop and can be purchased for use on tablet and mobile.

Products are now available at King Kass | Where Beauty Reigns. If you’re looking for ideas for your web design or want to purchase some new lashes this a great site to visit. The store owner is very well organized and easy to contact, visit kingkass.com today!

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