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CTYS.store was a great success! Our client new what she wanted implemented on her website and she was timely with supplying us with the necessary content to build her site. Success guidelines for this project were simple, the client wants for her customers to be able to find her on Instagram from her website, she wanted to display all her categories on the homepage, and she wants to be able to upload products on her own.

We design websites using one of the top eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce. WooCommerce offers many flexible features while still making it easy for sellers to upload and configure new products to sale. Since her granting access to her Instagram was very important we added a link to her account at the top and bottom of her website, she was very appreciative. We were able to provide our client with a great website theme and homepage design that displays all of C.T.Y.S. categories. Along with the category links on the homepage we also provided a list of categories in the sidebar of the site allowing for easy navigation.

This is another customer that started off using Shopify.com for hosting and design services. Services like Shopify and Wix are great if your looking for low cost start up website. From my personal experience those hosting sites cost more over a 12 month period and aren’t as user friendly as WordPress hosting through GoDaddy.com. This client made the switch and is now saving more than 50% on hosting overhead. We’re proud to have another happy customer and we can’t wait to design your site. Visit Cheaper Than Your Stylist today!

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